Sunday, March 25, 2007

Patton's Final X-rays.....hopefully

Patton's Final Xrays.....hopefully
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Patton made, hopefully, his final trip to VMTH Orthopedics this past Wednesday. Shown are his x-rays from that day. Dr. Schaefer proclaimed him "98% healed". Best thing I have heard in months. Everything looks good and we got the green light to ramp up his activity...slowly.

These x-rays are a little different from the last ones because Patton was his usual co-operative self, and even sedated he was a wiggle worm and refused to straighten his legs out. But the bone has healed around the screws and that is what counts. While he was sedated, Courtney checked his passive range of motion because once again he is so co-operative with that during his therapy sessions. The good word....out of 165 degrees for range of motion, Patton came in at 150 for both hips. Absolutely great news! We still have to take it slow until he is back to "normal".

So, he goes back to visit Courtney this Thursday and I am sure some new activities will be added to his physical therapy exercises at home. I know he is happy to be on the move again. With the beautiful weather this weekend he and I went for an hour walk, with plenty of rest about half way through. He was totally exhausted when we came home but he later showed no signs of soreness.

I want to thank everyone at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Especially the Orthopedics Dept, Dr. Manley, Dr. Schaefer, Dr. Colopy, Wendy and Leo for taking such great care of Patton and getting him on the move again. For always keeping us informed while he was staying with you. And to all the people that took care of him that I don't know about....a big thanks as well. Everyone that I came in contact with was wonderful and made what seemed like a horrible experience into a smooth ride. He is doing wonderful.

And though we are still working with Courtney there....a big thanks to you as well for being so patient with a fruit loopy dog. See you on Thursday.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Patton Enjoys The Snow

A video of Patton playing in the snow days prior to his second operation.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Continued Workouts

Patton had his third rehab this past week with Courtney. She was quite pleased with how far he has come. When we started rehab he was placing most of his weight on his front legs and had a short stinted gait with his hind legs close together. He is now more symmetrical with his weight distribution more or less equal from front to back(he bears more weight still on his left hind leg but we're working on that) and his stance has spread in the back. New measurements were taken of his thighs, when we started he had a 5 cm difference between his left and right, now it is only 3 cm. So he is gaining muscle mass in his right leg. All good news.

Our walks at home have increased to 3 blocks so due to this, and him being such a fruit loop(he just wants to play at rehab), it was decided that we would put him in the tank for most of his workout BUT a weight was added to his right leg. He did great, 9 minutes of underwater treadmill. So we will continue to strengthen his back legs. I do notice that his gait is getting much better, more dog like.

For now we are going to continue with the same exercises as last week. Patton goes in this Wednesday for his post op X-rays. Depending on how well he has healed will determine our next step in his rehab. If all screws look good and the bone is healed, full restrictions will be lifted and we will get him moving a little faster. I know he is dying to chase a rabbit, bird, or squirrel, or even just play ball again.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Patton and Courtney

Patton and Courtney
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You have seen pieces of Patton's physical therapist in past photos. Courtney has been great at helping Patton get back in shape and getting him moving again. Just one of the many wonderful people we have come in contact at UW-Madison Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. I know he looks forward to our car rides to Madison(every time I go anywhere now he thinks he should be going too) and seeing everyone there.

Patton's rehab

Patton's rehab
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Sorry there has been a slight lapse in posting, life gets hectic and unfortunately this has been neglected.

Patton continues to improve. He still fights on his exercises, especially when it comes to his left leg. He will let you do something for maybe 4 seconds and then decide he has had enough. The right side he is more then willing as long as you are massaging him at the same time.

This past Thursday he had his second physical therapy appointment. Some improvement but he still has a long way to go. He is still under restricted activity until X-rays on March 21 when we(fingers crossed) get the all clear that he is healed.

More exercises have been added to strengthen his muscles. The right leg is in worse shape then the left. The trick again with Patton is to trick him into working. We have come up with us laying on the floor and having Patton step over us. He does this already, so should be fairly easy for him. We just have to make sure he doesn't jump over. Another easy exercise is for the boys to lift him up from under his chest so his front legs are slightly off the floor. Again, something that he is use to and will put his full weight on his hind legs. Patton also likes to "punch" you with his front legs, so when he does this we usually grab his leg, this will help shift his weight to the opposite rear leg, again helping with strengthening. This is also being done on a step with his front legs on the step and gently lifting one front leg.

With the weather getting nicer our walks are getting longer. Good for him.......and me.