Friday, December 11, 2015

With a heavy heart

It is with a heavy heart that I post that Patton has passed away.  Not because of his hips, he at 9 1/2 years was having no problem getting around. If you are confronted with you puppy having this was the best money I ever spent.  You would never have known he had hip dysplasia even at the end.

In the last year his kidneys began failing.  In late summer we noticed his vision was also beginning to go.  A trip to the vet last week sent him off to an animal Ophthalmologist confirming that he did not have cataracts but detached retinas and high blood pressure.  They did a full Heme work up on Patton and found that he was very Anemic and had very low platelet count, they suggested he see an internal medicine special list to find out what was going on immediately.

Off to Internal Medicine we went on 12/8/15.  Ultra sound and x-rays found nothing.  No tumors, no internal bleeding.  It was determined that he had ITP, an autoimmune disease that has the spleen attacking his red platelets.  A round of chemo was ordered to see if they could stimulate his bone marrow to make more platelets.  Unfortunately, it didn't work.  He began bleeding and bruising Wednesday evening.  He was bottoming out.  Thursday saw some slight improvement (very small at that)  but now he was so anemic, so the decision was made to let Patton go.  We said our goodbyes and he went very peacefully.  Not an easy thing to do for anyone, it was very hard to leave him when he looked so at peace.

Patton was the most amazing dog I have ever owned.  I loved him like crazy, he was my buddy, my companion, my baby.  He was so smart...sometimes too smart for his own good.  He learned to open cabinets and doors. When it was bed time he would open the door to upstairs and wait for me until I came up.  If I was too slow, he would start barking for me to hurry up.  He loved to go hiking and camping with us.  He would get so excited to go anywhere in the car with us, didn't matter where we were going as long as he was with us.

There is a huge whole in my heart,  and the tears won't stop falling. I miss him like crazy but it was the best for him. I love you Digger Bear and remember Friends don't eat Friends.  RIP Patton.