Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Patton!

Happy Birthday, Patton!!!! Today Patton is a whopping 1 years old! And what a first year it has been for him. One year ago today, Patton entered the world with his 5 brothers and 6 sisters at the Watertown Humane Society in Watertown, WI. Six months later, his Bi-lateral Triple Pelvic Osteotomy that he came through with flying colors. An awful lot for a puppy to have to go through. I have noticed though that he still has some scabbing under his right leg from the one incision that I will have to keep an eye on.

On his 1st birthday, Patton is doing great. He spent the day doing the things he loves best. Finding things to get into, everything from potholders to nail clippers and growling at folks as they pass by the front of our house. For his birthday he got a few cow hooves, a rawhide twist chew(which he is afraid of, pretty humorous to watch him play with) and a flying squirrel(a Frisbee for dogs that is square shaped) since he can now run.

I see it has been a while since I have posted so let me catch you up on all things Patton. He has been set loose by the VMTH and he is still progressing nicely. Our walks are currently up to about 6 blocks, when my legs can handle it and the heat doesn't beat him down. My oldest son also takes Patton on about a 2 block jog when he is able to. (My son is also in physical therapy for his heels and is on the mend for track. So the running is good for both of them) Our neighbor has a fenced in backyard and with the loss of their dog over Christmas has been extremely generous in allowing us to play with Patton in their yard. (Our's is not fenced and we need to train him with the electric fence that we do have) He loves it! He enjoys playing ball, both soccer and fetch, and he loves playing with his new flying squirrel. He still has a love for sticks and is a big help in picking up sticks from our lawn, sometimes he even lets you add them to the log pile.

If you were to see Patton at play you would never imagine all that he has been through. His gate is beautiful and no hitch when he runs. He is getting stronger everyday. The only hint of his surgeries is his funny looking coat. It has mostly grown back in but there is an obvious difference between his left and right sides and then from front to back in the length of his coat. The upcoming weekend he goes on his first hike as we go camping. The hill climbing will be good for him but we will have to keep an eye on him and not push him too hard. But I know he will have a ball.

Happy Birthday, Patty! Many more too come!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Patton's Graduation

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A week ago, Patton had his final physical therapy session. Yes, I said FINAL. Courtney was quite impressed with the progress he has made and with the results of his X-rays the week before, she felt that his was well on his way.

His final session saw Patton on the treadmill by himself. He couldn't wait to go in and then he wouldn't come out! He kept trying to go back in after we dried him off. His stride has definitely improved as has his gate. Just for a comparison, when he started he was walking at a pace of .5 mph for a mere 4 minutes. Last Thursday, 1.5 mph for almost 12 minutes. His muscle mass has continued to improve so it was time for his graduation. Once he was out of the tank and relatively dry, Dr. Manley (the surgeon that did his left hip) stopped by for a visit and also seemed pleased with his recovery.

It is hard to imagine that this Odyssey started 5 months ago. It is far from finished. We are still working on building muscle mass and increasing his stamina. The hills at Lapham Peak are in the near future. So I will continue with this blog for as long as possible. Keep all of you up to date on his progress, adventures and any problems that should arrive due to the procedures. Fingers crossed there won't be any setbacks.

The picture to the left is one of his final X-rays, a side view. The bone is healing nicely around the screws and the hips are sitting well. And the best news is, if you watch him would never know any of this was done.

Now if there was just a surgery to get him to stop stealing things......