Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's been a few years(well ok a lot of years)

Just a quick update.  Patton will be turning 8 this year! Amazing it has been 7 years since his surgeries. I received a phone call yesterday from the University of Wisconsin Vet center.  They are conducting a study on the long term effects of this surgery on the dogs.  They want to include Patton in the study! How cool is that?!  So on February 28 he will go back in and they will do an exam to see how things are doing.  I told them that it was worth every penny to have the surgery done.  At almost 8 years, he still runs around like a puppy.   If you didn't know what he has been through, you would never think there was ever an issue.  He's bouncy and still full of energy.  Chasing balls and rabbits is still a favorite pastime.

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